Our Products & Coms

Not all our products carry commissions for affiliates. This has to do with various reasons, but mainly it’s because on some products we have hard costs, and giving away commission would not make them commercially viable.

Please see below a list of Clickbank product numbers and what they are and whether they carry commission or not.

NOTE – with the launch of our new membership site in May 2018 we have had to update a few of these product numbers.

Product 53

What: Our $1 Trial for 3-Days to TODT followed by $37 per month

Commission: 70% on ALL recurring payments

Notes: You will see $0.00 on your first sale because ClickBank take the first $1.00 of ALL transactions (before their cut or your cut).

Product 51

What: Our one-time payment 6-Month subscription to TODT for $147 (with no recurring payments)

Commission: 70%

Notes: This is offered as a text link below our $1 Trial buttons on most of our landing pages

Product 66

What: Our Annual recurring subscription to TODT for $198/yr

Commission: 70%

Notes: This is offered as an upsell after a purchase of the $1 Trial (#8) or the 6 Month product (#19)

Product 23

What: Our one-time-offer of Dan’s Audio Book Tripwire for $4.99 in the Easy Way Funnel

Commission: 70%

Notes: Read more about the Easy Way Funnel here

Product 24

What: Our email-followup offer of Dan’s Audio Book for $6.99 (via Easy Way Funnel)

Commission: 70%

Notes: Read more about the Easy Way Funnel here

Products 28, 30, 31

What: These are all for our dog training whistles and DVD products, and unfortunately none of our physical offers are designed for affiliates.

Commission: 0%

Notes: The manufacture, packaging, warehousing and stock costs of physical products plus the shipping costs make it impossible for us to make any profit if we open them up to affiliate commissions. These are all offered to our TODT members at radically reduced prices to say thank you for their loyalty, so we don’t make a profit either.

In The Pipeline…

We have a lot of new products that we are currently testing. Once we have dialed them in we will be offering them to our affiliates to promote. Look out for these in particular:

  • New front-end product with funnel plus audiobook
  • New front-end puppy product with funnel
  • High ticket back-end product

We will notify our affiliates when these become available.