Using Banners

Banners are for great offers

With banners, or any form of advertising whatsoever, a great offer is crucial! No good offer, or angle, means no sale.

And that’s what we’ve done for you, free. The Online Dog Trainer is a fantastic offer and people love it! Testimonials from around the world prove that our dog training product is exactly what the market needs to solve their problems.

So given that you have a great offer and you put your banners in good positions, on high-traffic sites that are relevant to your market – in this case, dog related websites are perfect – you’ll get fantastic traffic.

But unless you’re using them on a website you own, it probably won’t be cheap.

Large banners (say 700 x 80 pixels) with good positioning (ie at the top of the home page) can cost as much as $7000 a month on popular sites.

Websites also use CPM to bill for advertising, which is Cost Per Thousand impressions (M is the Latin symbol for thousand). An impression is a single person looking at the webpage the banner is on. It doesn’t mean that they click on it or anything, just that they’ve probably seen it.

However, if you’re already getting plenty of free traffic from product reviews, blog articles etc, having banners in the mix is a great way to increase your overall traffic. That’s why major advertisers with deep pockets love banner ads – they really do work gangbusters when you have a great offer to go with them.

Here’s how to use banner ads as affiliate hoplinks

1. Right click on the banner ad you wish to display on your website and select ‘Save Image As’ and give it a name that describes it.

2. Upload the image to your web server and place the banner advertisement on your website.

3. Use your ClickBank affiliate hoplink to link the banner to our website.

4. If you’re using the banner on someone else’s website, give their website manager your affiliate hoplink and they will add the link for you.


Google now allows you to place banners on their content network, and these often outperform traditional textlinks. All our banners have been created to conform to Google’s Content Network Banner Sizes.

Use the text boxes below each banner, so that you can upload to google adwords and promote Your Campaign via the content network.